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We can help people who are trying to sell or otherwise somehow step away from their houses quickly, which may be the case for a large number of reasons. Some of these reasons may be very personal to you, and you may find them difficult to discuss, let alone be in the frame of mind to negotiate any kind of deal.

With a focus on the person, not the house, you will find that we listen with open ears and try to understand your personal situation thoroughly before shifting the conversation to possible solutions.

We’re also connected into the largest network of house-buyers in the country, meaning if your specific situation doesn’t result in us buying or running the house for you, we may be able to help connect you with a qualified party, and we are happy to stay with you until you’re happy, even though we would not then benefit directly from the interaction.

In addition to speed, you need certainty. Unfortunately, one in three house sales today falls through, meaning it’s crucial for you to have assurance that your sale will go through when you find your buyer. The worst case scenario is that you put all your hope into a buyer who pulls out, or the transaction is otherwise unable to complete. We’re able to do what we do for home owners using a variety of proven models and we’d like to share these models with you in our discussions. This means you will be able to see how every risk has a mitigation, giving you comfort that we will remain your partner until your transaction completes.



There are those who don’t want to sell their homes, but they are struggling with the task of management and lettings. If this is you, then you may wish to consider one of our two management services below. We have a particular specialisation in the management of HMOs in Scarborough, but we cover properties across the whole of the North of England, (please see map below):

1. HMO Management. If you have an HMO property and you have had it managed by a third party in the past, you are likely to have had a bad experience. Managers not keeping you informed, poor quality tenants damaging your property, different rent coming in every week, not able to keep up with who is living in your house, and being horrified at the standard of the property when you make a visit. This can be heartbreaking if you have put love and effort into your property in the past, not to mention the impact to your wallet if you can’t rely on the income being consistent. If none of this is ringing any bells, in our experience, you are lucky! But unfortunately we hear this time and time again, because normal property managers think that HMOs are similar to single let properties, when they are anything but. HMOs take an entirely different approach, and the laws, regulations, licensing and planning considerations relating to HMOs are often new to regular property managers. HMO management is the main activity we do as a company, specialising in particular in HMO management in Scarborough. We are experts in this field and have well over 15 years’ experience. Our pricing is also transparent: we charge 12% of gross monthly takings and £250 per tenancy for tenant-find. There are no other costs. We conduct:

  • Gas checks every year without you having to remind us
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) reminders for you every 5 years
  • Inventory management
  • Weekly fire system testing
  • PAT Testing
  • 6-monthly fire safety certificates
  • 10-yearly Energy Performance Certificate reminders
  • HMO Licence renewal reminders
  • Room-only AST management
  • Free area rent demand testing
  • Proactive amenity standard compliance

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office, Property Redress Scheme, certified with the National Residential Landlords Association, and we hold comprehensive Professional Indemnity insurance. We do everything very much by the book, and furthermore, every month, you get a statement showing the takings for the month, our fee deducted, net landlord pay-out, and a list of tasks we have completed that month, together with photos, so you can see exactly what is happening in your property. Please ask if you would like to see an example of one of these. We can also give you access to our cloud-based Property Operations Folder so you can look up, on demand, your compliance certificates, tenancy agreements and past statements. Please ask us to put you in touch with some of our happy customers so you can hear how we took all the worry and stress off their shoulders when they switched their HMO management to TWH Homes.

2. Single Let Management. Since we have plenty of experience managing our own single let portfolio, we are also able to take on your single let properties, (e.g. self-contained flats and family homes, not shared houses). For this, we provide all of the above where it relates to single let properties, and whilst we still charge £250 for tenant find, we charge only 10% of gross rental income for our monthly fee.

Here is the map showing areas we cover, (click or tap to enlarge):

Please contact us to discuss these techniques if you’re curious, or if you want to talk about your specific situation.


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